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MetaTrader 4 is a Forex trading platform with millions of traders using it on a daily basis. It is currently the most popular platform on the market. However, choosing MT4 as your platform is not enough by itself – you need to find a suitable and reliable broker, for the actual hands on execution of your trades.

To make the best choice, you need to do an extensive research on features you actually look for and the overall quality. You can do this by reading reviews, comparing features and safety, as well as talking to representatives and customer support to ensure quality. Once you’ve found the place to start your research it’s time to keep the following focus points in mind.

What to Look For

Choosing the best Forex broker for yourself, you will have your own preferences. However, there are some general important aspects you need to look out for. Primarily, this means safety. It is best to go with nationally and internationally regulated brokers, with various deposit methods and fast payouts.

You also need to look at the different accounts types that are offered, where the best brokers offer multiple types such as demo, standard, and VIP accounts. The next element is the actual offer, where you need to find good quotes, narrow spreads, and suitable leverage. The best brokers will find a way to address all your needs and requirements.

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What to Choose and Why

It’s always recommended to do your own research. We will pick and have a closer look at several top broker companies and explain why people choose them!


InstaForex broker company is a part of a group of financial and investment companies, focusing on online trading services. With a huge customer base, InstaForex has access to different markets with financial instruments allowing individuals and institutions to invest.

With over 250 representative offices all over the World, the company has won various prestigious awards showing its consistency in quality. InstaForex have great customer support with experienced professionals providing high quality service.

Why People Choose InstaForex

InstaForex is a preferred option for many traders for features such as:

  • Segregated accounts providing safety,
  • Quality of service and customer support,
  • Genuine Forex analytics,
  • Fixed spreads and trading without spreads,
  • Range of leverage from 1:1 to 1:1000,
  • Cent accounts and Swap-free accounts.


FXCM was founded in 1999 and since then the company has become a global leader in Forex trading. While they have offices across Europe and Asia, as well as affiliate offices around the World, FXCM was the first Forex broker to list on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is part of the 500 fastest growing American companies list which further proves its prominent position and quality.

Why People Choose FXCM

FXCM offers a lot of premium features to their customers at lower costs, and we will list only some of them:

  • It’s registered with the NFA and CFTC,
  • Major and exotic currency pairs in offer,
  • Mobile trading,
  • Automated and EA trading,
  • Great customer support 24/7,
  • And basic micro account with a minimum deposit of only $50.


FxPro is one of the newer and fresh leading Forex companies, established in 2006. They are very stable and reliable, operating under Cyprus Authority and with representative offices in four big sales centers. The company has won multiple awards and is well-known for the traits they offer.

Why People Choose FxPro

While accounts start from $500 deposits, the deposit options are various, including all the most popular options. The company is regulated and many traders consider their funds very safe with the company. Other features include:

  • 9 different platforms for traders to use,
  • Fast and easy payouts,
  • Tight spreads,
  • And no dealing desk intervention.

ETX Capital

ETX Capital is a UK based financial company founded in 2002, and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority in UK. The company is widely trusted for transparency and safety, as well as a general service.

Why people choose ETX Capital

  • FCA Regulation which requires maximum effort safeguarding clients funds
  • No deposit and withdrawal fees over £100
  • Tight spreads
  • Variety of platforms and instruments to trade

What’s Best for You?

Ultimately, you have to do your research and decide what’s best for you. There are many proper options and your choices largely depend on your trading style. It’s important to understand the risks that come with Forex trading and to take advice from the experienced traders.

For one, never trade more than you can actually afford. To minimize the risks, it’s important to start slow – not trade too many currency pairs, trade high-liquidity currencies, and take short spreads. Choose the best broker for yourself, have a short market watch list,and make your investments right and withdrawals timely.

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16 thoughts on “Best MT4 Brokers

  • Chart Trader

    ETX capital is one of the best brokers and in my opinion, the broker of the future. They offer very good service to new traders, although their spreads are higher as compare to other brokers and also charge more than the average overnight rollover fee.This broker offers very good trading tools which are very useful in trading. So, I give 5 stars to this broker.

  • Hot Trader

    I’ve used Gain Capita for some years. But my trading experience with ETX Capital is good; no complaints regarding trade executions, payments etc. Almost all trades have been stopped out when my stop wasn’t touched on their platform chart.
    I love TraderPro platform they give for free. It’s easy to use and enter trades without having to calculate price levels to place my stops. My only complaint with this broker is that at busy times in the market, the platform slows down and even freezes. It’s not my computer slowing down as I’ve had the same issue while using other computers. Their Charts are Flash powered and Flash and Charts often loose connection and have to be reopened.

  • Alvin93

    I read a lot of bad reviews online about Instaforex but I never faced any issue trading with this broker and always enjoyed trading with this broker. Most people, when they lose money, they put blame on their brokers and not their trading mistakes. Instaforex is a wonderful broker and provides very good support. I love their copy trade system and I made my first profit using the copy trade. They charge a low commission for this service.They regularly update new promotions like no deposit bonus or different trading contests. I read from different forums where traders are complaining that their accounts had been blocked or closed but I know this happened to traders only who were doing arbitrage trade or trying to miss use bonus. I never face any difficulty doing trading with this broker.

  • Laila

    Trading with Instaforex is great and very nice. I have been using this broker for 2 years and never had any bad experiences with them. I used to deposit only $50 when I started with them and opened mini account. Last year on November I have requested for a withdrawal and process was very fast only took less than 2 hours I already get my money credited into my bank account. Besides. Their trading platform is simple and easy to use and clear cut system is applied. Order execution are very fast and sent as I wish. Thanks Instaforex.

  • jomar

    there is a quite comfortable interface of the website and private cabinet. It seems that this broker gives the best conditions for newcomers. In particular, these microaccounts and minimal lot of 100 USD which allows to minimize the risks. Well to my mind, InstaForex offers quite good conditions for trading. Besides, the website design is very nice too. Everything is simple and comprehensible. That is why I like working with InstaForex Company.

  • Bruce Fx

    Well, my fav broker is gain capital. It’s one of the world leading brokers and follows some strict quality control standards for their traders. I have been trading since last 15 years. I opened an account with gain capital like 7 years ago and I have traded in that account for 3 years and withdraw most of my funds but still, I had my funds in my account. Then for some personal reasons I stopped trading and was busy in some personal matters but after 2 years when I settled my matters and started trading again I had forgotten that I had some balance remaining in my gain capital account and when I contacted them and checked about my status and told them that I will deposit funds so I can start trading I was surprised to find out there is some balance showing in my account and they also gave me all information about my funds and my lost trading account password. If I had the account with some other broker they would have definitely disabled my account and also transferred my balance into their company account but not with this broker. For this reason and also for so many other trading reasons I always prefer this broker for forex trading and recommend it to everybody.

  • AYole Bole

    I chose Instaforex because I earned a lot from this broker and this company never cancelled my profitable orders. They allowed me to use any trading methods without any adjustments. There was a time when I tried to withdraw my money that I earned from the Bonus for posting campaign on Nigeria Forex forum, my withdrawal was put on hold and they told me to wait for the further advice. I thought, it was my due, but I was wrong, because after an hour, I received an email from their Finance Department that my withdrawal request went successful. What I was trying to say is that this company only works for an honest client. They do not like a trader who abused their trading promotions. So, if you want to be a successful Forex trader of Instaforex company, I suggests you to trade honestly, to avoid inconvenience. This is what I learned from them. Anyways, I have a total of 3510 bonus points in Nigeria Forex forum and withdrawn $857.10 already thru Webmoney. What I did to my profits was I deposited the money in my live trading account. Aside from the demo account, I also have a live trading, a standard account to be specific. The reason why I chose to have a Standard account is that the minimal trade is 0.01 lot and the leverage for the EUR, USD is 1:1-1:1000.

    They also offer Welcome bonus for every deposit. I have already availed the said promo twice. The money was transferred to my trading account right after I passed the highest level of verification. The amount of bonus is an individual-based. It is very easy to make money using the trading platform of this broker because they always execute the order without any delays and the spread is reasonable. Aside from that, I would like to commend this broker for the notification about the changes of trading hours. It is very helpful because it gives me time to adjust my trading methods.

  • Forex Leaks

    I’ve been dealing with FXCM since last 3 years. At first I tested their demo account for 2 months. Then a small micro account and now I am an Active Trader Group client. I have also had accounts at Oanda, Tallinex, Tradestation, IBfx, and Interactive brokers. I am new in forex business, but have 10 years in sales and customer service experience. So I know a thing or two about all that, and have a pretty high standard.

  • Andrew Hall

    FXCM staff and customer service at all levels are very knowledgeable about FXCM policies, platforms, and all aspects of their business. All of them are very professional. I am really satisfied in working with them. They always follow through and do what they say. Deposits and withdrawals by wire transfer are flawless and timely with no delays. So I give 5 stars to this broker

  • Hani

    InstaForex bonus system is awesome for me, you can deposit a small amount and you can request a bonus and start your trades. I personally like the 30% welcome bonus, because you can invest in the PAMM system. I deposited amount in my account $50 just to test their services, and processing really worked on time, and I could request the bonus from my client area, which by the way is so complete, you can do everything from there, check the balance, register to new services and even talk to the support if you need. I do recommend this broker.

  • Million BB

    Fxpro is a good broker but if you are a swing trader and hold your position for long time then I think maybe this broker is not a good choice because they charge very high swap rate. If you are a day trader then fxpro is one of the best brokers. I have been using this broker since last few years but I use it for day trading only, not for swing trading. For swing trading I am using a broker which does not charge any swap on overnight positions. Nowadays a lot of brokers are offering swap free Islamic account which is very good choice for swing traders. I like fxpro for very fast platform and some very good customer support but I recommend this broker strictly for day traders only.

  • Jack Lara

    I am trading with both fxcm and forexpro but I give fxcm better ratings then fxpro. Fxcm offers different tools for traders and it gives more flexibility in trading. Their trade execution is very fast and also a very distinctive thing which is very visible between fxcm and fxpro is the swap rates. Fxpro charges some hidden costs which makes your trading experience more costly compared to fxcm.

  • Roony

    Instaforex offers good services and options especially their minimum deposit size, which is very low. They offer low spreads, fast deposit and withdrawals that you can do online. Even when I started trading that I had low funds, Instaforex loaned me some funds to trade through the Instacredit system. Talk of their bonuses, they have many bonus options for client. All is good and I will keep up with Instaforex.

  • Tiny

    Instaforex was a very good broker but recently my experience with them has not been good especially when market was volatile. They do not give good execution price. I hope they will work on this issue and soon resolve it because instaforex was one of the best brokers because of some of its unique offers to traders and it should try to regain its place.

  • Caimanpip

    I have an excellent opinion of InstaForex. I’ve been working with them since 2015 and no problems so far. I started as a newbie and didn’t know too much about forex market. I opened first a demo account and reps helped me in every concern I had. Even my first deposit didn’t come from me as I requested non deposit bonus and after passing verification levels, I got $90 in my account. What I like the most is that I could leave that amount in my real account and any cent was discounted and the lots required to withdraw earnings and bonuses are affordable. In my first week of real trading, I got 30 pips with EURUSD. I made my deposits and withdrawals monthly with Neteller; all processes take just a few minutes and see my earnings deposited in a few hours. That’s why I recommend the broker for sure.

  • Norma Fx

    You cannot merely name one broker to be the best broker of 2017 because it varies for trader to trader. Maybe one broker is good for one trader and not good for another trader. It’s all dependent on your requirement. Sometimes some traders just trade in gold and one particular broker offers good spreads in gold but not good spreads on other items so may for gold trader that broker is good enough but it won’t be up to the mark for currency trader. It all depends on your strategy and need otherwise you can’t name just one broker as the best broker.