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Since the year 2008 when binary options trading emerged, the number of brokers has significantly increased from the lowly number of 10 rocketing to over 400 trading platforms or brokers. This rapid growth brings about many pros. The competition has increased tenfold. This is good news for investors as it means that the bonuses and returns will be high.

As an investor, before putting your money in any project, you have to be very careful and finding a broker is no exception. Binary trading is highly competitive, as such, just like in any business, they have attractive trading platforms in addition to numerous pecks promising exceptionally good deposit bonus, high investment returns and many other spicing’s to attract more customers. As such, before settling for one, an investor should put to mind the most important aspect, which is their geographical location. With the advancement of technology, these trades has significantly increase. This is where regulatory bodies come in. They usually operate within a specified geographical region.

These regulators have strict rules put in place to deter rogue brokers from taking advantage of uninformed investors. These regulations also deter a broker from dealing with investors from a certain region. Choosing a binary options broker can be a daunting and even scary experience when you consider what an investor will lose should anything go the wrong way?

To start with, one should check out the deposit bonus. How much will one get when you make your first deposit or any other redeposit that will be made. The goal for many people in trading is to make money. Therefore, one should consider the pay-out. The pay-out vary from one broker to the next. It’s quite advisable to go for the one with the highest percentage of pay-out to succeed. After being satisfied with the many payment options available, an investor should also check the customer support. Go for the most outstanding one that answers all enquiries that can arise.

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There are many different depositing and withdrawal options. Use the one that most suits. Also, take note of the stock options and warrants closing time. Brokers require different amounts of minimum deposits, Look out for the one that is most suitable to the pocket.

A lot of trading platforms cater for its binary options trader and more significantly to the first time investors by providing a demo account. This is important as it exposes the investor to a much helpful experience. Insist on getting a demo account. Also, Check out the broker’s websites, if their interface is giving one a headache, opting out is advisable. Binary trading should not only be profitable but also fun.

Reputable binary options brokers do not restrict an investor from making multiple investments in various assets such as forex, commodities and stocks. This does increase the profit an investor gets and as such one should opt away from a broker that does not offer multiple asset investing.

Despite the fact that trading platforms have a lot in common, sometimes language barrier can cause problems. To avoid this, an investor should also check out the language a broker uses, for ease of understanding. Also check out the expiry dates info. Reliable brokers do provide these dates on a weekly frequency, some even going as far as providing info on daily and even hourly basis.

Remember that maximum trade control is only obtainable when the maximum expiry details exist. The time a broker does his trade is also worth noting. Different geographical regions have different time zones. An investor’s business hours can be a trader’s bedtime. Note also if the broker offers a percentage of investments should the investor not win returns.

Some trading platforms offer trading signals while other do not offer such. Always go for the platforms that have the trading tools that suits the investor’s needs. Because an investor has making profits as their main agenda, after they consider all the options they have, one thing is important to note: Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

To have the best broker, one has to diversify. In order to have a good variety of assets, an investor should seriously consider using different brokers for trading. The investor should not be afraid to try as many as six different brokers for maximum returns.

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4 thoughts on “Binary Options Brokers with good returns on currencies

  • Fx Boy

    I am very successful in binary options trading and one of the reasons of my success is that I work with top class brokers who offer very good payouts. In binary options, your broker selection plays the most important role in making or losing money in trading. Binary options is still loosely regulated and most online brokers still work without any regulations and that’s why it’s very easy for them to exploit their customers. This is why you should be very careful while selecting your broker. My favorite broker is Nadex but I also work with 24options and IQoptions. All these brokers offer very good payout and most of the time offer 75% payout. They also follow rules and regulations and do not exploit their customers like so many other brokers. For this reason, I suggest new traders select their binary options broker very carefully and also check these brokers that I’ve mentioned above.

  • chillymilly

    Lot of brokers claim best payout in binary options trading but my first and last choice for binary trading is Nadex. Nadex offer 75 % payout and they do not manipulate prices and it’s very strictly regulated so best binary options trading company. I have been doing trading with them since last one year and I never had to regret on my choice.

    • Pips Hunter

      Chillymilly, Nadex gives good payouts but the problem is that not everyone can open account with them and Nadex still does not open for some big markets. I agree they give good payouts but as I can’t open account with them so I have found some very good alternate of Nadex. IQ options and 24 options are equally good brokers and have very decent payouts.

  • blueberry m

    I trade in Nadex and they offer very good returns on your investment. I trade 9 am EST time and expiry 1.30 for gold and 4.30 for currencies. If I do in the money even then they give good returns on winning trades. So for me Nadex is a very good broker which offers good returns.